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We allocate 30% of the gross profit to artists, acknowledging their invaluable contribution beyond their labor.
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The "Empower Block Print Artisans" project is dedicated to supporting artisans within the block print industry. Our primary goal is to provide financial support and recognition to these talented individuals. We aim to assist them in their essential needs, such as education and healthcare, while also enabling them to enhance their skills to meet future industry demands.


This initiative is not driven by mere philanthropy; rather, it seeks to ensure that block print artists receive their rightful share. While some entities are profiting from block print and handicrafts, the true artisans behind the creations often do not receive their fair compensation. We have observed numerous brands claiming to support artists, but the reality on the ground contradicts these assertions.

The neglect of block print artists threatens the very existence of this unique art form.

Key Actions for Supporting Artists:

1. Direct Monetary Support (DMS):
   - Provide block print artists with direct financial assistance to meet their immediate needs.

2. Skill Enhancement for the Future (SEF):
   - Facilitate skill development programs to equip artists with the knowledge and techniques required to thrive in the evolving industry.

3. Education for Generations (EG):
   - Promote education among both current and future generations of artisans, ensuring the continuity of this art form.

4. Low-Interest Debt Provision (LIDP):
   - Offer low-interest loans to artists without the need for collateral, helping them manage financial challenges.

5. Artist Recognition on New Designs (ARD):
   - Ensure that artists receive proper recognition by crediting them on new block print designs, honoring their creative contributions.

By implementing these measures, we aim to rejuvenate the block print industry, empower its artists, and preserve this exquisite art form for generations to come.

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